Thanks Alex and Sebastian! Tregitope / IVIG connection reaffirmed!

What makes an unassuming girl from the East Side of Providence feel very important? When the Tregitope work done by her cutting-edge immunoinformatics company is re-affirmed by famous and powerful men. Thanks Alex Sette and Sebastian Spindeldreher!

Before we get too giddy, here are the details. Sebastian just published four Tregitopes in his paper about IVIG and eluting peptides from APCs. Long story, short version here; Sebastian asked: Can you get Tregitopes back if you feed immune cells IVIG? The answer is – yes you can! Unfortunately, Sebastian is only looking for Tregitope 167 and 289 in the mix, and he doesn’t find them. Hence, he states(erroneously) that Tregitopes [167 and 289] do not derive from IVIG in vitro. But, if one just compares our patent to his list of eluted peptides, he clearly has our favorite Tregitope “88”, and the famous Edna Mozes version of Tregitope “29 (Edratide) among a few others. Too bad he didn’t check our patent before publishing a paper that has some pretty significant mistakes in it.

And Alex Sette, months before, worked with Alessandra Franco to identify Tregitopes andother T cell epitopes that are associated with beneficial responses to IVIG in patients who have Kawasaki Disease. He and Alessandra re-discovered all of the key Tregitopes, and many ‘HLA restricted” peptides that could also serve as Tregitopes in individuals, but are not really druggable.

For a reminder on the definition of a Tregitope (and a complete list), see our patent here

For a review of Alex and Alessandra’s paper, see the set of slides at the link EpiVax_Analysis_of_Franco2015_Fc_T_cell_epitopes_23Oct15.

For more information on Tregitopes, please read our blog posts here!

A complete review of Sebastian’s paper (unless he decides to fix his mistake) will be forthcoming. In the meantime, his pre-print is published at this link.

Happy Reading !


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