Bird Flu March Color Epivax 2017

BARDA, WHO, CDC and H7N9: Doing the Same Thing All Over Again?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein. Due to its high rate of lethality (30-40%) and pandemic potential, H7N9 preparedness has become a priority for public health officials. While mutations that would enable … Continue reading

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Our Prediction for 2017: Out with Post Hoc and Go DeFT! 

It’s a new year and welcome to it! Pundits are making a lot of predictions about the decline of science and technology under the new administration in Washington DC, and I’m here with a contrarian view. We bet on biotechnology! We predict … Continue reading

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Creating Locally, Thinking Globally

EpiVax is now a member of Eurobiomed , a community bringing together scientific thought leaders with a common mission: Improve the health of all and as  quickly as possible. EpiVax, as a key player in the development of immunotherapies, will be … Continue reading

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The Ancer to Cancer: A computational pipeline for personalized cancer vaccine design

Building on 18 years of commercially successful research and development in the field of computational immunology, EpiVax has now developed Ancer™, a personalized cancer vaccine platform. Ancer is a high-speed, secure, cloud-based commercial platform for processing cancer/normal protein sets, identifying … Continue reading

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9th Annual Biotech Showcase

Join us at Biotech Showcase! Partnering opportunities are available! Click Here to schedule. Get leading-edge information on our latest immunoinformatics platform: An Innovative Computational Pipeline for Personalized Cancer Vaccine Design With superior identification of neo-antigens, EpiVax is using our validated vaccine design … Continue reading

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Bio-Europe Spring

EpiVax will be joining more than 1,400 companies from over 45 countries at Bio-Europe Spring, the premier springtime partnering conference bringing together a “whoʼs who” from biotech, pharma and finance in Europe’s most innovative biopharma clusters. Partner with us to … Continue reading

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Ronit Mazor Rebuff

Just because you say it – Doesn’t mean it’s true

That’s right. If you say something bold, such as “H7N9 vaccines will not be immunogenic“, at least you should back it up with high quality immunoinformatics data. Don’t you think? Apparently, some people don’t think so. Take this recent publication … Continue reading

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Girls Reaching Remarkable Levels (GRRL)

EpiVax is a proud supporter of GRRL Tech since 2008. The development of world-class talent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is critical to America’s global leadership. STEM careers offer women the opportunity to engage in some of the most … Continue reading

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Biotech CEO of the Year

Standards of excellence. Models of advocacy. An unparalleled ability to succeed. These are characteristics of the vaccine industry’s top achievers. Last night at the 9th Vaccine Industry Excellence (ViE) Awards, winners were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the vaccine industry over the past 12-months. EpiVax’s … Continue reading

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Myles Grimm, age 9.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Creating a Cure for Cancer with Vaccines by Myles Grimm I want to become a biologist because I want to make the world cancer free. I had a great uncle that died from cancer and I want to honor him … Continue reading

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