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Cadre Research Labs is a Scientific Computing Contract Research Group specializing in Algorithm Development and Technology Transfer for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries. Leveraging both internal and university sourced research, Cadre goes beyond off-the-shelf software to develop the next generation of research and discovery tools. Cadre’s core of Computer Science and Life Science PhDs provide unparalleled interdisciplinary research expertise. We specialize in utilizing techniques from Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Algorithm Development, and Data Mining to solve custom computational challenges and to analyze ‘Big Data’.

Cadre’s Modeling services are used to: understand the molecular mechanism of protein:ligand interactions, improve the efficiency of identification of small-molecule lead inhibitors, hypothesize binding modes as a step towards lead optimization, identify patterns and trends in large datasets, optimize protein or peptide sequence towards a measurable outcome.

  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Cadre now offers a contract research service for Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations.
  • Molecular Docking / Virtual High Throughput Screening: Virtual docking saves experimental resources when used as a prescreen prior to wetlab experimental work.
  • Machine Learning, Statistical Data Analysis, and Data Mining: Our research team can help you find the proverbial needle-in-the-haystack.  Cadre researchers have been working with large interdisciplinary datasets for decades and we have access to large computer resources.
  • Sequence Optimization: Powerful statistical models can generate sequences optimized for a particular function (e.g., binding affinity, activity, resistance, or reduced aggregation) given a set of previously examined annotated sequences. For example, given the sequences of 100 protein variants each annotated with their binding activity, our models can generate additional sequences predicted to have significant binding activity.

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Ryan Lilien | Chief Science Officer | Cadre Research Labs