Call for Papers

The 4th Computational Vaccinology workshop will include oral presentations for full-length papers, short oral presentations for posters and software demonstrations. All accepted full-length papers will be published in a peer-reviewed journal, previously BMC Bioinformatics (

The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Computational methods to predict protective vaccine antigens and immune epitopes
  • Reverse vaccinology approaches for genome-wide vaccine target identification and vaccine development
  • Analysis of vaccine-induced host responses using high throughput omics methods (e.g., microarrays)
  • Case studies of applying bioinformatics approaches in vaccine development
  • Informatics methods for improving surveillance of vaccine safety and efficacy
  • Modeling of impact of vaccine immunizations against target diseases (e.g., pandemic influenza)
  • Vaccine and immunoinformatics database and analysis systems
  • Vaccine data integration and literature mining
  • Development of software programs in computational vaccinology and immunology, or programs that belong to general biology but can be applied in vaccine and immunology research
  • Bioinformatics algorithms that can be potentially used in vaccine R&D
  • Computational biology network appliable to immmunology and vaccine studies
  • Computational research and development for vaccines against emerging infectious diseases.
  • Application of computational, bioinformatics, and systems biology methods in study of host-vaccine interaction and protective immune mechanisms
  • Computational and systems biology methods for analyzing and predicting immune correlates of protection.
  • Vaccine informatics system for post-licensure registry and surveillance
  • Bioinformatics analysis of vaccine adverse events

The full paper submission needs to follow the journal format, i.e., the instructions for BMC Bioinforamtics authors.