Workshop Format

This will be a full-day workshop. This workshop encourages extensive discussion and exchange. It will include a Morning Session and an Afternoon Session.

Oral presentations: Each presentation will be restricted to 25 minutes for a full-length paper, and 10 minutes for a flask talk for each presented poster presentation. For the full-length paper presentation, each presenter is required to finish the introductory talk with about 20 minutes, followed by about 5 minutes of discussion. For the short-length paper presentation, approximately 8 minutes will be used for oral presentation and the remaining 2 minutes for discussion. For any presentation which focuses on software development, additional five minutes are given for an onsite software demonstration.

Tutorial and Software Demo: There will be two sessions of extensive software demos.

Poster sessions: The posters will be available throughout the day. Special poster sessions are allocated in the program.

Poster size: We will follow the same poster size as suggested by the ISV conference. The dimensions for ISV posters are: 37.4″ x 35.4″ max.

Discussion: There will be a focused discussion session in the afternoon. Extensive discussions are encouraged during the workshop presentation and breaks.


All workshop attendees are expected to have basic understanding in vaccinology, immunology, informatics, and comptuational biology. All attendees are encouraged to participate in active discussion during the workshop.