A graphic depiction of EpiMatrix results.

A graphic depiction of EpiMatrix results.

What is EpiMatrix?

EpiMatrix is a proprietary in-silico platform developed by EpiVax for epitope identification and prediction. It is used for predicting immunogenicity of protein therapeutics, for protein redesign (deimmunization) and T cell vaccine design. EpiMatrix powers the ISPRI system and immunogenicity experts at EpiVax use EpiMatrix to produce PreDeFT reports.

We note that many sources of epitope prediction are available, but none have the quality and breadth of the EpiMatrix toolset, nor have these other tools been as carefully validated, retrospectively and prospectively, as the EpiVax toolkit.

  • EpiMatrix has been proven to be more accurate than on-line “free” algorithms in prospective and retrospective studies. See slides and video below.
  • EpiMatrix is the only algorithm that has provided a priori indication of clinical immunogenicity subsequently validated in prospective studies.
  • EpiMatrix toolset has been extensively validated internally and externally scince 1998 in vitro and in vivo models.
  • The accuracy of the EpiMatrix system has been thoroughly documented in the peer review press (1, 2) with more than 170 publications associated with the use of the EpiMatrix toolkit.


The video below is a good introduction to EpiVax’s in-silico tools.