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EpiVax at Bio Asia 2017

Lucky us! the 14th International Bio Asia Conference is scheduled for March 14-15, 2017 at the Grand Hyatt, Tokyo in Roppongi. It might be a bit early for cherry blossoms, but hope springs eternal! We will be arriving a bit early and staying … Continue reading

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Our Prediction for 2017: Out with Post Hoc and Go DeFT! 

It’s a new year and welcome to it! Pundits are making a lot of predictions about the decline of science and technology under the new administration in Washington DC, and I’m here with a contrarian view. We bet on biotechnology! We predict … Continue reading

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Update: Screening for Immunogenicity: Immunotherapy Challenges and Predictive Approaches Applied to Therapeutic Proteins 

Update: This event has been cancelled by the organizers. Thank you for your interest. As an expert in immunogenicity screening, EpiVax’s CEO/CSO, Dr. Annie De Groot, will be conducting a training on state of the art methods of in silico and in … Continue reading

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Will EpiVax Tools be the Ancer to Cancer?

EpiVax Oncology – New Year, New Endeavor! A nice story in ConvergenceRI that describes the rapid growth of EpiVax and our decision to invest in a new spin-out company in 2017: Welcome EpiVax Oncology! Annie was interviewed by Richard Asinof … Continue reading

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Immunogenicity and Tolerance Seminar (updated)

UPDATE: Here are commemorative photos from our event. Thank you to all the speakers and participants for making the 2016 seminar a success. See you next year! Click to see full image EpiVax has taken the lead on the 2nd seminar on … Continue reading

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Just because you say it – Doesn’t mean it’s true

That’s right. If you say something bold, such as “H7N9 vaccines will not be immunogenic“, at least you should back it up with high quality immunoinformatics data. Don’t you think? Apparently, some people don’t think so. Take this recent publication … Continue reading

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Zika envelope is a ‘stealth protein’

The fact that we (EpiVax folk) haven’t said much about Zika probably has people scratching their heads. Well … here you have it We say: proceed with caution. Why? Zika is a Flavivirus, and that means it’s an RNA virus. That means … Continue reading

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Step into the 21st Century, Novartis!

(This post has been corrected, thanks Sebastian!) I love “Google Alerts”. They let me know when someone has just published an article citing one of our articles, and link me to new, exciting work that has just been made available on … Continue reading

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Personalized Medicine for Biologics?

Which one is not like the other? Why is one patient more likely to develop a side effect like anti-drug antibodies (ADA) than another? While there are many contributors to immunogenicity, most developers agree that T cell epitopes are key, … Continue reading

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Antigen Specific Tolerance Induction at Immunogenicity Summit Nov 19 2014

Why is antigen-specificity key for biologics?  Annie De Groot, MD, CEO and CSO of EpiVax will be speaking at the CHI Immunogenicity summit on this topic, November 19th at 3 PM. It’s well known that tolerance can be induced by … Continue reading

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